Harrison Ridge Estate, Gold Beach, Oregon  offered at $2,999,000  

The new owner of this home  will enjoy all of the reasons why we purchased this property and built this home.  Gold Beach is a special place...an unusual place in this world of so  much demand and of many extremes.  Gold Beach is small and gentle and mild and comfortable.

As my wife and I gained more control over our place in life and as our resources grew we found that we could relocate from the big city and raise our family in the pure environment of Gold Beach, Oregon.

Gold Beach offers things like a part time police force...there is no real need for full time protection.  No murders.  No gangs.

Gold Beach has an excellent traffic control system...just two stop lights.  There are no stoplights to the south for 30 miles and no stoplights to the north for 60 miles.  None to the east for a hundred plus wilderness miles.  None to the west for thousands of Pacific Ocean miles.  The Curry County Fair and annual fair parade are held on Gold Beach right on Highway 101.

Gold Beach is the capital of Curry County.  Harrison Ridge Estate looks over the top of the city to the Pacific Ocean and to the mouth of the Rogue River.

The school system in Gold Beach is just fine.  One Elementary School.  One High School.  The High School Football Team won Best in State - 2007.

Medical facilities are in town, including a small rural hospital that is good for dealing with infrequent emergencies.

A public, non-commercial airport is available.  I don't own a plane but I've had house guests who do.  They say that the flight to Gold Beach is spectacular.  The nearest commercial airport is just 60 highway miles to the south in Crescent City, California.  A total of just 6 stop lights if I recall correctly.  Not bad for a trip to the airport.

Gold Beach is a small coastal community that people visit when wanting to get away from it all.  Gold Beach is where people come to vacation.  The new owner of this home will be living where other people come to vacation.  It's beautiful here.

Be as uninvolved or as involved as you want.  The government is accessible.  The government officials will be your friends and neighbors.  This is a small town.  We do have one grocery store that stays open all night.  Lots of different churches.  Several bait and tackle shops.  Restaurants.  A Real Estate office.  Several service stations.  No Seven Eleven.  No McDonalds.

The air in Gold Beach is pure.  It blows across thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean to get here.  Air doesn't get better than this.

The Rogue River is a tremendous opportunity for fishing and other water recreation.  Hiking is everywhere.  Equestrian opportunity is at the front door.  World Class surfing is as close as South Beach, which you can see from the house.

I could go on and on about Gold Beach.  I love it here!

We have left Gold Beach for that same reason that you are interesting in moving here...the river of life flows.  In our case we have relocated from Gold Beach after living in the area for more than a dozen great years.  In your case...this beautiful home and opportunity is available to you.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to view Harrison Ridge Estate.  And after you purchase this property rename it after yourself.  Harrison Ridge Estate is a world of it's own (or of your own).

Thanks for taking the time to explore Harrison Ridge Estate.  If you would like to visit the area and 'test drive' the home, Harrison Ridge Estate is available as a luxury vacation rental home.  Click here for more details.


Harrison Ridge Estate, as viewed from the north side of the mouth of the Rogue River.

Looking across Harrison Ridge Estate and across the mouth of the Rogue River to the Pacific Ocean and the Rogue Reef.

The annual Parade travels the length of Gold Beach on one lane of Highway 101.

The Gold Beach High School is at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

Southbound into the Gold Beach airport.
Landing on Runway 16.

The Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River is a popular destination and just 35 miles inland from Harrison Ridge Estate.

Lex's Landing is one of several bait and tackle shops that are within minutes of Harrison Ridge Estate.

Fishing on the Rogue River near the Patterson Bridge in August.  There are lots of salmon in the bay in August.

A Rogue River tributary.  Harrison Ridge Estate is surrounded by natural beauty.


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